I read a great short written piece today which touched on one of my frustrations… people in organisations not feeling that they have any power to drive change, that someone else more senior is in charge of all direction, all decisions, all plans and all behaviours.. and it is futile for the rest to try and change it.

The article resonated …. I so often hear delegates or those I am coaching talking about “they” meaning the leaders in the organisation ” they won’t allow that”, “they don’t support that thinking”, “they don’t enable empowerment” …. even the most senior players frequently reference “they” who call the shots…. without realising that “they” themselves have the power to influence and make changes and are “they” to so many others.

We can’t sit back and complain and hope that someone else will make the changes we want in the way we want them. It isn’t anyone elses job to do things just because we want them. We have to take responsibility, influence, share views, find like thinkers, discuss and try new things. This is true at all levels of all organisations … and in our personal lives.

It might not be the easiest thing, it may require tenacity and resilience … not to mention influencing skill, networking ability, communications prowess, emotional intelligence… but it needn’t be impossible.

Take a moment to reflect today on what you would like to change and think about those first steps you could take to make it happen. Seize the day people!